AirAsia X orders additional A330

AirAsia X, the new long-haul low cost-carrier within the AirAsia Group, has signed a firm contract for an additional 10 A330-300s, which brings the airline’s total order to 25 A330 aircraft. In June 2007, AirAsia X placed a first order to 15 A330s.

AirAsia X is currently operating its long-haul, low-cost service with leased A330s and these will be joined by the first of the newly ordered aircraft later this year. All the aircraft will be configured to seat 392 passengers in a single class layout.

Source: Airbus

One thought on “AirAsia X orders additional A330”

  1. 26.JULY.08 : Hey peeps!!! Im here to blog about my disappointment with Air Asia. 3 months ago(April 08), AA started the BALI-KUCHING route and my friends and I grabbed it a mth later as the fare was increasing by the week and at a very reasonable rate for traveling in (sept 08). A month later, we booked our hotel and tour packages via online and fully secured our bookings as per requirements. All went well and we were counting down the days, until recently, about a week ago, rumours online had it that AA’s last flight for KCH-BALI is on Aug 23rd, all passengers traveling after that will have a full refund.
    Immediately, I called the AA customer service (I was put on hold for 20 minutes) to confirm about it and the not so friendly staff said that it is true. I asked why hasn’t anyone informed us, and she said that they have many passengers to call, just wait. Up to today, not even an email, sms or a phone call from AA.

    I’m fine with the 100% refund, but what about my hotel and tour bookings that I’ve paid for?( not via AA website) Ive checked with the hotel and they can’t give us a 100% refund due to company policy.
    I know the hotel n tour bookings has nothing to do with AA, but come on, pls find a solution by re-routing us probably via KUL with no additional charges as im not prepared to pay a cent more. This is not my fault but im certainly sure AA cancelled the route to BALI bcoz of poor response.

    We could only book our hotel n tour after securing our flight bookings. Of coz no one would book their hotel n tour 1st before getting their air tickets right? Everythg these days are like “book early and get a cheaper price’. And that was what we did.

    How can we have confidence in AA now when they have their promo on cheap airfares , like buy NOW and travel period only valid in 6mths time, eg. in 2009. crazy!!! Yes, the airfare will be cheap but of coz ppl would make advance ground bookings too. N travel agents cant give full refund too as it is beyond their control and they have credit card surcharges and currency exchange rates to be take in consideration too.

    I will be waiting for AA to contact me personally abt this and make it official, and if AA doesn’t want to fly us to BALI via KUL, I will publish my complain in the The Star etc and consumer rights. I am NOT joking and im taking this seriously, not only for myself but for the rest of the passengers. And the other option that I’ll give them is to give us our full refund for our hotel n tour.
    I am also prepared to take this matter to higher level if they ignore us. We did send an email to AA customer service regarding this matter and was only fooled to be replied by a computer generated email which said that,‘due to the overwhelming response we r unable to reply to u now’, HUH! Probably overwhelming complains!

    Im posting this letter just to inform everyone abt this matter and be extra careful when u purchase ur AA ticket way in advance coz u never know what will happen , incase uve made ur accommodations bookings like me.