Cessna 162 SkyCatcher to be built in China

Textron Inc.’s Cessna Aircraft Co. will become the first U.S. manufacturer to turn over complete production of an airplane to a Chinese partner, a move intended to cut production costs and foster a nascent private-aviation market in China.

Cessna officials said China’s state-owned Shenyang Aircraft Corp. will build the new Cessna 162 SkyCatcher at its factory in Shenyang, China. The planned single-engine, two-seat airplane will be the smallest in Cessna’s product line. It is designed for training and what is known as the light-sport market, for recreational fliers. …

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10 thoughts on “Cessna 162 SkyCatcher to be built in China”

  1. I know a lot of people that bought the Skycatcher are not pleased that is being built in China! I sell the Remos LSA, and we will refund your $5000 deposit with the purchase of a new Remos! If you are having buyers remorse, drop me an email.


  2. well, the cessna skycatcher is a real eye catcher, but it is such a shame that us americans couldnt be the ones to manufacture this awesome little aircraft. its a pity when we sell ourselves short, there are alot of peple that would love to build these plane, i dont think china has to be the manufacturer of everything specaily the american aircraft of cessna. well thats my opinion ! mike from michigan

  3. Boeing / Airbus / Bombardier / Embraer ERJ (Joint Venture with Chinese Company)/ Sikorsky (Joint Venture with Chinese Company)/ Cessna artner with SAC (Shenyang Aircraft.. SAMF etc. Have been building Aerospace Parts in China and it’s a growing market…

  4. I know it is sad that some of the most American of our industries are moving to China, (get familiar with Chung Gook, their name, but they have been building sarge portions of douglas and bieing commercial aircraft for years, it was only a jump to them building a complete airplane. Mitsubishi of Japan (Nippon)is ready to launch a new small airplane also. It is no more high tech than building an Auto, which both do. South Korea builds their own fighters now, so expect a new light plane from there soon. We desire the rest of the planet to be educated so they will see the benefits of capitalism, but its “Oh Jesus” when they get there and start building machinery. I dont have an answer, other than to say that prior to the advent of the printing press and the translation of the bible to english which taught the former serfs of England to read and write, resulting in the industrial age, our fore bears were dumb shits too. Its all the result of education and modern forms of transportation which made it possible. Boeing 747, Containerships), Do we want to reverse all that? Can we? Confucias saying, a word is like a bird, once released it connot be brought back by the issuer. TaylorMAC

  5. Just a little note i sent to cessna–Dear Cessna I learned to fly with you 40 years ago in a Cessna 150, my friend and I turned around and bought the trainer plane,flew it for years, a very strong wonderful plane, anyway to the point, over the last few years I have had a lot of problems with things made in China, they look good on outside ,but appear to be poor quality or design, or material or craftsmanship, or something, just a lot of failures,not just things from China,but name brand idems that had some China parts in them. and the stuff looks really good,but its junk, anyway just to let you know ,I don’t plan to EVER ride or own one of yours or anybodys planes that have anything critical assembled, or made in China,on the plane. (it aint worth the savings to me)Thanks Wm Herring

  6. Almost every item I buy thats made in USA is junk. I work for the worlds largest lift
    MFG.. I never seen so many lazy, cry babies that don’t want to work let alone show up
    every day.
    If I were a MFG. I would not put up with it, I’d go oversea where people will work.

  7. Hey Den,

    Great opportunity to move to china and to enjoy the great chinese (communist) way of life!!! We are crying because of the owners (stockholders) who want a much larger profit with substandard pay and living conditions for the ones building the planes! Do you’re homework, be american, buy american! U.S.A. love it or leave it!

  8. Den,
    Since you have such a great work ethic then it shouldn’t be difficult to pack your bags and remove your sorry a** from this country. If your work ethic is so strong then I guess you need to be promoted to manager so you can set the example right? Instead you will stay comfortably living in this country which you gladly take freedom. Freedom to criticize anything you wish. Try that in the RED country. Jeff