Dash8 Q400 fleet returning to service

After meeting the requirements of Transport Canada’s Airworthiness Directive (AD) related to the recent Bombardier Q400 landing gear issue, operators worldwide have been returning their aircraft to service. Approximately 70% of the Q400 fleet is in service (approximately 116 aircraft out of total fleet of 165 aircraft). Of the estimated 85 Q400 aircraft requiring detailed inspections, more than 35 aircraft are already back in service.

“Several airlines have reported that their Q400 aircraft have returned to normal service. This is excellent news. We expect that more aircraft will also return to service in the coming days. We remain committed to our customers and are providing them with the necessary technical assistance to resolve the issue,” said Steven Ridolfi, President, Bombardier Regional Aircraft.

Bombardier – with the support of Goodrich – continues to focus its efforts on assisting its customers to return to normal flight schedules as quickly as possible.

Source: Bombardier