Picture of the Day – Airbus A320 unlocked nose gear

Photo via Flickr – by vector1771

a320 unlocked front gear

Check out the incline. This nose gear doesn’t seem to be locked. The A320 series had some problems in the past with its nose gear retract and deploy process.

2 thoughts on “Picture of the Day – Airbus A320 unlocked nose gear”

  1. If you are talking about the assumed angle that the nose gear looks like it isn’t fully extended because it’s not straight up and down, you are wrong. This is the correct angle for the nose gear on an Airbus. The reason for the angle is called “castor”. this is a normal geometric function of inline tracking and steerability. It’s just pronounced on the Airbus due to the length of the exposed assembly compared to other models of aircraft, BUT all tricycle gear aircraft from the smallest cessna 152 to Airbus 380 have some degree of castor.

    Captain A320/319.

  2. And to my horror this morning! I live in Wichita, Kansas on the west side near Mid Continent Airport. The wind was from the north so airplanes departing for Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles and Las Vegas fly over my house. I heard the sound of GE Fans and when I looked up from my deck,It was a United A319 flying junkpile. Shame on you United!!!!!!! Replacing the tried and true 737 with a pile of junk.