Virgin America – Hi-Tech In-Flight Entertainment

The new upcoming airline Virgin America is gonna have real stunning In-Flight Entertainment, even in Economy Class, called “Red”! It’s the most advanced In-Flight Entertainment System out there.

  • Every seat has a 9 inch integrated touch screen
  • Full QWERTY keyboard/game controller


  • A PC intergrated in every seat
  • Running on Linux and using Open Source Software
  • All “seats” communicate over an ethernet network
  • 3 file servers in the belly of the aircraft (Airbus A320)
  • “Airborne Decoder Receivers” which convert sattelite signals into multicast streams. That allows Live TV on every seat provided by a Dish Network.
  • On-Board cached movies
  • The world’s only In Flight Program guide (IPG) for Live TV
  • Over 25 on-demand Pay-per-view movies


  • On-demand audio provided by a server with 3000 MP3s
  • Customized Playlists
  • 20 Radio Channels
  • Broadband WLAN Access everywhere in the aircraft
  • Providing a social network for passengers with E-Mail, SMS, Instant Messaging, Seat-To-Seat Chat & Chat Rooms to chat with other passengers

seat-to-seat chatseat-to-seat chat

  • Open source video games that even allows to play DOOM against other passengers

play doom

  • Order food directly from your seat

Now is that cool or is that cool? 😀


*Link updated due to acquisition by Alaska Airlines