Going on Vacation

Flightstory.net LogoDear fellow aviation enthusiasts, for the next 2 weeks I’ll be gone on vacation. I’ll be going with Skytrax Airline of the Year to Skytrax Airport of the Year 2008 (and probably 2009). 😉

Sorry, but during that time I won’t publish new articles and no new commentators will be approved. I also won’t reply to your e-mails till I’m back.

Unfortunately, according to turbulenceforecast.com the flight could be quite boring 🙁 Let’s hope that the forecast isn’t right or that a little CAT may be waiting. 😉

2 thoughts on “Going on Vacation”

  1. Have a good time, whereever you’re spending your holiday! Can’t wait to read the next update, the Boeing convertible pics were great.

    Alternative fuel is being considered for passenger jets and I was wondering if you had written anything about that yet? It’s becoming more and more debated as airlines struggle to make a profit during the recession. I was wondering how feasible you thought the alternative fuel methods were?