Photos – 737 Boeing Sky Interior Unveiled

Boeing today announced that seven airlines will be the first to incorporate the new, spacious 737 Boeing Sky Interior starting in late 2010.

The airlines are:

  • FlyDubai – United Arab Emirates
  • Continental Airlines – USA
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA – Norway
  • Malaysia Airlines – Malaysia
  • TUI Travel PLC – UK
  • GOL Airlines – Brazil
  • Lion Air – Indonesia

The interior features soft, blue-sky-like lighting overhead.

737 Boeing Sky Interior - Full Cabin Overview

Stepping aboard a Boeing Next-Generation 737 with the new 737 Boeing Sky Interior, passengers will notice that the new entry offers a welcoming transition from the jetway. Cove lighting and curved architecture create a distinctive entry and greater openness in the cabin.

737 Boeing Sky Interior Cabin Entry

Passengers will immediately sense a soft blue sky overhead, created with colored light emitting diode or LED ceiling lighting that enhances the sense of spaciousness.

737 Boeing Sky Interior Overhead Ambient Lighting

Drawing from years of research used to design the interior for the 787 Dreamliner, the 737 Boeing Sky Interior features new, 787-style modern sculpted sidewalls and window reveals that draw passengers’ eyes to the airplane’s windows, giving passengers a greater connection to the flying experience. On a more practical note, the sidewall design integrates the air vent so that before-flight security checks go more quickly for maintenance staff.

737 Boeing Sky Interior - Windows

The new design offers larger, pivoting overhead stowage bins that add to the openness of the cabin. The bins give more passengers room to store a carry-on roll-aboard near their own seat, adding both extra convenience and extra legroom.
Boeing redesigned reading-light switches so passengers can find them more easily and avoid accidentally pressing the flight-attendant call button.

737 Boeing Sky Interior - Overhead Stowage Bins

Speakers are integrated into each row’s passenger-service unit to improve sound and clarity of public address operations, while the new integrated air vent and improved noise-dampening materials reduce overall cabin noise.

737 Boeing Sky Interior - Integrated Air Vent

Changes to the Next-Generation 737 are more than cosmetic: Boeing is targeting a 2 percent reduction in fuel consumption by 2011 through a combination of airframe and engine improvements. Airplane structural improvements will reduce drag on the airplane, reducing fuel use by about 1 percent. Boeing’s engine partner, CFM, is contributing the other 1 percent fuel savings through hardware changes to its engine.

Continental Airlines will make a Next-Generation 737-800 available to Boeing to flight test the performance improvements.

Source: Boeing
Photos: Boeing

12 thoughts on “Photos – 737 Boeing Sky Interior Unveiled”

  1. Continental is trying hard to keep its fleet ahead of the competition in terms of age, comfort and entertainment. I am not surprise they chose this interior. Well done Boeing. Looking forward to seeing the new CAL cabin. Delta? Step up!

  2. CAL seems to be thinking about what will still be fresh 10yrs from now. That’s a great way of keeping what you have and staying competitive for years. They did this on their 767s. Great job Continental.