EU Updates Airline Blacklist

The European Commission for Transport today adopted the update of the blacklist of airlines that are banned from flying into the European Union due to safety concerns. The Commission has imposed a ban on six airlines from Kazakhstan, one airline certified in Thailand, one additional Ukrainian air carrier and on operations of all carriers certified in Benin.

Following the opinion of the Air Safety Committee, the Commission decided to expand the list and impose an operating ban for safety reasons on the following air carriers:

  • Air Company Kokshetau, ATMA Airlines, Berkut Air, East Wing, Sayat Air and Starline KZ (Kazakhstan)
  • One Two Go Airlines (Thailand)
  • Motor Sich Airlines (Ukraine)
  • All airlines certified in the Republic of Benin on the basis of the negative results of an audit by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).

The Commission noted good progress in relation to the measures taken by Angola in order to improve the safety situation. In particular, it took note of the progress report drawn up by the aviation authorities of Angola on the implementation of corrective actions following the visit of a team of European experts in February 2008 and the publication of the ICAO safety audit report in October 2008.

A report of the visit of a European team of experts to Indonesia in February 2009 showed considerable improvements.

Hence from today the EU blacklist imposes a ban on:

  • All carriers from Angola, Benin, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, the Kyrgyz Republic, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Swaziland, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Gabon save for Gabon Airlines which has an exemption for Boeing 767-200 TR-LHP and Afrijet which has an exemption for 2 Falcon 50 and 1 Falcon 900 – TR-LGV, TR-LGY and TR-AFJ
  • Afghanistan – Ariana Afghan Airlines
  • Cambodia – Siem Reap Airways International
  • Comores – Air Services Comores except LET 410 UVP D6-CAM
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea – Air Koryo
  • Kazakhstan – Air Company Kokshetau, ATMA Airlines, Berkut Air, East Wing, Sayat Air, Starline KZ
  • Rwanda – Silverback Cargo Freighters
  • Sudan – Air West
  • Thailand – One Two Go Airlines
  • Ukraine – Motor Sich Airlines, Ukraine Cargo Airways, Ukraine Mediterranean Airlines and Volare Aviation

Download EU Blacklist (PDF):

Source: European Commission for Transport