British Airways jet put under quarantine

The British Airways Airbus A319, flight #767, came from London Heathrow to Oslo with around 100 passengers.

Hans Holmgrunn of the Gardermoen police station told local newspaper Eidsvoll Ullensaker Blad that around 20 of the passengers were ill with nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.

Jo Kobro of Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen said that a public health official was heading for the airport to go on board the fight and evaluate the situation.

In the meantime, all passengers were held on board.

Holmgrunn indicated that many of the passengers had come from Burma and had landed in both Thailand and England on their way to Oslo.


One thought on “British Airways jet put under quarantine”

  1. All passengers should be cautious and maintain “arm’s length” social distance from strangers. Don’t be hesitant to rethink your travel plans if the person next to you doesn’t know how to use a tissue or has a bad cough. Carry hand sanitizer. Carrying an N95 mask that you see them wearing in the photos is probably a good idea if you’re knowledgeable and not afraid to use it the same way many japanese passengers do (they wear them to be polite!…so YOU won’t get their germs). Avian flu or whatever the NEXT BIG ONE is called hopefully won’t find you in the wrong place at the wrong time and uneducated or unprepared….