Turkish Airlines B737 Crashed in Amsterdam

Today at around 11:30 a.m. local time, Turkish Airlines flight TK1951 bound from Istanbul (IST) (Turkey) to Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport (AMS) (The Netherlands) crashed during approach at Amsterdam, killing at least 9 souls, more than 50 have been injured.
The Boeing 737-8F2 (TC-JGE) with 135 people on board was on final approach to runway 18R, when it crashed in a field some 1,5 km short of the runway threshold. The Boeing 737 broke in three parts, fortunately there was no fire.

Weather reported was “Wind 200 degrees, 10 kts, visibity 4500m in mist, scattered clouds 700 ft, temperature 4°C, dewpoint 3°C” [Source: Aviation Safety Network]

Video by AP

Raw Video by AFP

Amateur Video

ATC Radio Turkish 1951 on Approach
http://archive-server.liveatc.net/turkish-1951-cleared-approach-eham.mp3 (MP3 by liveatc.net)

ATC Radio after Crash

Photo of the inside of the cabin


Passenger list of Turkish Airlines flight TK1951

2 thoughts on “Turkish Airlines B737 Crashed in Amsterdam”

  1. I was working at Amsterdam Airport during the crash.. For some reason I never expected this to happen so close to me.

    I didn’t notice anything of the crash except for a temporary cancellation of all working activities..