Air India with New Livery

Indian Civil Aviation Minister just launched the new colours of Air India.

Sorry for the bad image quality, the bad original source is to blame.

Air India New Logo
Air India New Livery
Air India New Livery

11 thoughts on “Air India with New Livery”

  1. Who cares about new colors. The service is still the worst in the world. The government should sell this airline and stop subsidizing it. There are many private companies in India that can do better.

  2. Hi, I was just watching an Air India Airbus A330 being dismantled at the old George Air Force base in Adelanto, California. I’m an archaeologist and working on a site next door. This is a boneyard and there are several Air India airbuses stored there. I’m just Actually it was sort of sad like watching ants disassemble a beetle!

    I was curious because under the pilot’s window was the word “Godavari”. I know its a river in India, but what is the implication on the plane?

    Just curious – actually, a couple of us were 🙂



  3. Hi,
    “Godavari” is the name of the plane. Many airlines name their planes after local landmarks, rivers, cities etc.

    For example Lufthansa names their planes after German cities, KLM uses bird names and famous international landmarks like “Machu Picchu”, EasyJet European cities and Qantas famous persons.
    Of course, most famous for their names are the ladies of Virgin and PanAm “Clipper”.


    I purchased two e tickets from Kolkata to Washington(aid)by AirIndia. PNR being J38NL, day of return journey was 28.11.2010.

    IA has withdrawn the flight from JFK to IAD and given me the connection in Delta Airlines.

    At IAD airport, I came to know that they have not paid Delta hence ticket was not given to me. I purchased ticket and came to JFK. There I lodge complain. At New Delhi also I talked to the Manager who told me to write to CMD,AI for refund. I have send all documents to the CMD fortnight back.

    CMD has not bothered to answer my complain.

    I am shocked with the poor customer service of the AI.I have decided not to fly with AI any more.

    I hope, they will improve their customer service to international standard and CMD will take pain to reply and refund me.

    NK Sengupta

    The last leg of journey from JFK to