Photos – Delta Unveils 747-400 in New Livery

31 years after Delta retired all of their 747s, Delta Air Lines today unveiled the first Boeing 747-400 in the new Delta paint scheme. Ship 6305 is the first of 16 747-400s operated by Northwest Airlines, now a part of Delta, to be rolled out of a hangar in Victorville, CA in the new paint scheme.

Many travelers over the holiday period will be among the first to see the newly painted Delta aircraft as it re-enters service in mid-December.

Delta Boeing 747-400
Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400 New Livery
Delta Air Lines Boeing 747-400
Delta Boeing 747-400
Delta 747-400
Delta Boeing 747-400 New Livery

Courtesy of Delta Air Lines

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2 thoughts on “Photos – Delta Unveils 747-400 in New Livery”

  1. My first 747 flight was when they were first put in service in the early 70’s. The more I flew it the more I loved it. Delta soon took their 747’s out of service.

    I look forward more overseas travel and the comfort and quiet of the new 747, it is an awesome piece of machinery and has a lot of cockpit features that makes long trips easier for pilots and landing in bad weather safer. This machine is certified for the President of the USA…a modified version but the comfort and features are close.