Air Canada 767 – Flight attendant helped to land plane

A flight attendant helped land an Air Canada Boeing 767-333 (C-FMXC) carrying 146 passengers after the co-pilot suffered an apparent breakdown over the Atlantic, says an official report into the incident.

A report released yesterday by Ireland’s Air Accident Investigation Unit said the flight attendant, who had a commercial pilot’s licence, was able to provide “useful assistance” to the plane’s captain as he guided the Boeing 767 down onto a runway at Shannon Airport earlier this year.

The plane declared a medical emergency midway over the Atlantic and requested a landing at Ireland’s Shannon Airport after the co-pilot began acting erratically. The crew later removed him from the cockpit to the shock of passengers who were alerted by the commotion at the front of the plane. (…)
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Read Official Investigation Report: Serious Incident: Boeing 767-333, C-FMXC, Oceanic Reporting Point MALOT, 28 January 2008: Report No 2008-027 (PDF)